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Masti Ki Pathshala

Masti Ki Pathshala

Each platform has a different strength. A lot of work goes into pulling off a fantastic event.

Here you go,

Webgurukul has organized an event called “Masti Ki Pathshala” held on 29th June 2019. It is specially organized for each and every student who is pursuing the knowledge of an IT Profession at Webgurukul.

Webgurukul always appreciates the work done and efficiently grow the students professionally as well as personally.

It is a platform where the students get to interact with colleagues, opportunities to explore by certain brainstorming activities.

As we have an official certificate distribution ceremony for our students who are about to complete their 15 days, 30 days and 45 days of Internship.

At the event, the sheer volume of mentions was overwhelming.

Event has scheduled with certain stages officially and entertainingly.

Feather part was the Talent Round showcase with Mr. & Miss. Stylish Youth Icon of Webgurukul 2k19 winners Mr. Adarsh Rawankar  & Miss Priyanka Kshirsagar.

Webgurukul is thankful to all team members’ students and looking forward to serving more.

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